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Copy and paste our code in your essay or education website and be our affiliate. Earn top dollars now.

Twenty-five percent (25%) - for first time purchase of new customers registered through a Partner's website

Ten percent (10%) - for every recurring purchase made by same customers

While the internet is known as the best source of information and entertainment, not all people know that it can also be a good medium for earning. In other cases, people believe that earning online is an intermittent opportunity which can only be afforded by high class businessmen or by highly-technical people. Well, it’s time to debunk that myth. Come with us as we introduce you to the possibilities of financial gains- which is purely legal, effective and leisurely.

About Us

We have been in an online business for such a long time. Equipped with experience and fueled with passion, we are now on our way of employing a strategy that would open a door of unrestricted possibilities--possibilities which are not only for our own benefit but also for open-minded people who want to share the same grounds with us. We dub this opportunity as the Essay Education Affiliate Program.

A little background before we discuss what Essay Education Affiliate Program is:

People are buying and shopping through the internet. One of the advantages of this online shopping is that it provides convenience and it allows the people to choose on widest range of products. People will seek to engage in best purchases instantly. Best purchase proceeds after when people were able to find the exact product/service they are looking with additional consideration on quality and price.

Best purchase does not happen instantly. Buyers have to spend time for exhaustive search with the risk of not founding one. Worst, buyers might end up compromising to select the least preferred items/services out of inconvenience. We will never know how we are able to help fill the gap, and in what degree, until we keep our holds together to create a win-win situation, where buyers marvel on their acquisition, where we, the company, can maximize on our intention of reaching out our prospects, and where you will be getting the benefits in helping us to establish relationships to people.

Now, let us proceed to discuss on how Essay Education Affiliate Program works:

The existence of students who are greatly engaged in internet usage daily brought us to this intention of maximizing convenience, benefit, and opportunity.

If you either have website or blog, or you can start on building convenience, benefit and opportunity. You will advertise our website either by allotting space in your site to pave on a banner or button that would allow your audience to access our website’s ordering page, or, you can publish a content that speaks of any of our products or services with those same links available. Every paper purchase, recurring or new, which is made by a customer you referred through your site, will lead you to earn money depending on two categories below:

Twenty-five percent (25%) - for first time purchase of new customers registered through a Partner's website

Ten percent (10%) - for every recurring purchase made by same customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be part of the opportunity?

In order for you to grab this opportunity you can start by registering as a partner with the link provided below:

Does it cost anything to participate?

No. You can take advantage of the traffic you had earned out from your site in order to gain through commissions.

What is the format that I will be using when I write content (which features your products or services) in my website? How long should it be?

First, you have the choice to publish content or to advertise using banners and buttons. If you are interested in writing content, you can use any format. In fact, you can be very creative about it. As long as there is no baseless criticism and denigration which are expressed against us, our website and our product/service, there will be no problem.

In terms of how long or how short your article is, we would say that it’s your call. We will also provide templates as to make things easy for you.

How to advertise using banners or buttons?

You don’t have to worry much about this. Most blog platforms (Wordpress, Blogspot, etc.) have features dedicated to this. If you are maintaining a website, there are also features available that enables you to achieve such purpose. Most of the times, it will only require you to paste a set of codes that we will be providing. We will guide you on this.

How do you know which customers are referred by my site?

After you have successfully registered, you will be guided and supported to the process of setting up the banners, buttons and other promo materials. You will then encounter “Sub-IDs”. Sub-IDs identify sources of target audience traffic. Simply, after your audience click on the banner or button in your site, we will then be informed of a contribution which roots from your site. If the said audience chooses to proceed on purchasing item, then a commission will be recognized and will be registered into your account.

Is this too good to be true?

It is good and it is for real. Earning audiences from your site and granting them the access to their desired purchase is the key to your success.

Is it entirely legal and fair?

Essay Education Affiliate Program uses WHITE-HAT-SEO that is legal and follows google code of conduct. Hosting our banner and buttons do not have negative effect on your site.

How is your Essay Education Affiliate Program compared to other schemes?

Our partners have very low refund-rate that translates to higher income potential.

Why should I be compelled not to miss this opportunity?

You are not subjected for formal commitment through exclusive contract. You will be a partner. You can engage on business in proportion to your desire of maximizing the opportunities presented before you. If blogging and content writing is more of a hobby for you, then it takes you just a hobby to earn.

How is money earnings are withdrawn?

For US customers, bank transfer and PayPal.

How much is commission?

25% for first time purchase.
10% for recurring purchases. You will earn money as long as your customer orders perpetually.

What if client clicked but others in a different time?

You will get the commission as long as they ordered within 60 days. Cookies are stored within 60 days.


Affiliate Agreement

This affiliate agreement outlines the terms and conditions between Essay Education Affiliate and its Partners. By registering in our Affiliate Program, you agree and confirm as Affiliate on all the points, terms and conditions set forth therein. Please do not confirm your agreement unless you comply on the outlined terms and conditions.


The present document (hereinafter the Affiliate Agreement) uses a number of terms. Their meanings are the following:

  • "Affiliate Program" - Essay Education Affiliate Program, all the promo materials, data, information, as well as any representatives of the Affiliate Program.
  • "Webmaster/Partner" - a user who is registered with Essay Education Affiliate Program and who is spreading informational or Promotional Materials on behalf of Essay Education Affiliate Program and according to the Affiliate Agreement.
  • "Promotional Materials" - all the Essay Education Affiliate Program materials that are provided by Essay Education Affiliate Program for Partner‚ use to direct people to the Affiliate Program‚ Landing Pages. These are the banners provided by Essay Education Affiliate Program to attract the customers to the order form.
  • "Landing Pages" - web-pages that Essay Education Affiliate Program-provided Promotional Materials lead to.
  • "Partner Websites" - websites that contain Partner-placed Promotional Materials (for example banners or links).
  • "Promotional Materials Placing" - placing of promotional materials on Partner Websites.


The Affiliate Agreement comes into full force after the Partner completes the registration process. The Affiliate Agreement bears full force until the Partner‚ account is terminated. Either party (Essay Education Affiliate or the Partner) can terminate the Partner account at any time. Essay Education Affiliate Program can terminate the Partner account without any prior notice if at least one of the points listed in the Affiliate Agreement has been violated. The Partner can have their account terminated only if they provide Essay Education Affiliate Program with a written request for account termination in advance.


Both parties, Essay Education Affiliate Program and the Partner carry a number of responsibilities.

The Affiliate Partner agrees to release and hold Essay Education Affiliate employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion and fulfilment agencies, any third-party providers or sources of information or data and legal advisers harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind arising from or related to the Products, including but not limited to:

  • telephone, electronic, hardware or software, network, Internet, email, or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind;
  • failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions;
  • any condition caused by events beyond the control of the Company that may cause the Product to be delayed, disrupted, or corrupted;
  • any injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of utilizing our services; or
  • any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with our services. In addition, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Essay Education Affiliate harmless from any claim, suit or demand, including attorney’s fees, made by a third party due to or arising out of your utilizing of our services, your violation or breach of these Terms and Conditions, your violation of any rights of a third party, or any other act or omission by you.
In no event shall the company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this web site or any information provided on this website. Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages; the above limitation may not apply to you.


All Affiliates must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. If you are under 18 years of age, you are not permitted to register as Affiliate.

Cooperation terms:

  • After the Partner accepts the Affiliate Agreement, Essay Education Affiliate Program supplies the Partner with Promotional Materials such as links, banners, widgets, etc. Essay Education Affiliate Program rewards the Partner for every order (i.e. purchase) that was made as a consequence of the ordering person clicking on the Promotional Material located on a Partner Website. The reward is monetary and is regulated following the reward conditions listed in the Affiliate Agreement.
  • Essay Education Affiliate Program collects and stores information about all people visiting Essay Education Affiliate Program ‚ website: visitor‚ IP address, cookies and user agent data.
  • Every Partner can have no more than one account with Essay Education Affiliate Program. In case a Partner has more than one account, they can be dismissed from the Affiliate Program with the outstanding reward balance not paid to the Partner.
  • The Partner is responsible for placing Promotional Materials on Partner Websites.
  • The Partner is responsible for keeping Essay Education Affiliate Program -provided Promotional Materials live and working. Essay Education Affiliate Program is not responsible for accurate tracking of clicks on Essay Education Affiliate Program -provided URLs that were modified by the Partner, even if such clicks ultimately led to Affiliate Program‚ Landing Pages. Essay Education Affiliate Program has a right to not pay the Partner for the periods of time when Essay Education Affiliate Program -provided banners or URLs were incorrectly placed on the Partner's website.
  • The partner accepts the fact that their participation in the Affiliate Program should not violate any state laws, norms or standards of the Partner's country of residence.
  • Essay Education Affiliate Program has the right to review and approve Partners‚ marketing materials. Every Partner agrees to be responsible for all expenses and fees incurred in connection with their participation in the Affiliate Program, to do their best to successfully market, advertise and sell Essay Education Affiliate Program while the Affiliate Agreement is in effect, and not to engage in any deceptive, misleading, illegal or unethical practices that may be detrimental to Essay Education Affiliate Program or its services.
  • The Partner agrees not to give any guarantees, promises or claims on behalf of the Essay Education Affiliate Program regarding the rules or offerings of the Affiliate Program, its Landing Pages or Essay Education Affiliate Program itself, unless this was approved beforehand in writing form by Essay Education Affiliate Program.
  • Partners are prohibited to use:
    • Leads generated by a computer-generated user appearing to be a living individual (such as robots, scripts, various kinds of software, etc.)
    • Leads generated by an automated, artificial or a fraudulent method
    • Traffic generated using spam technologies such as email spamming (if the partner chooses to utilize email marketing, they are to abide by the rules of legitimate email correspondence and must fully comply with the CAN-SPAM act of 2003)
    • Traffic generated through unauthorized access to private information
    • Technologies generating fictional orders

If Essay Education Affiliate finds out that the Partner has used one of the above, Essay Education Affiliate has the right to not pay the Partner the appropriate monetary reward relative to the rates listed in the Affiliate Agreement or to terminate the cooperation between Essay Education Affiliate and the Webmaster with no future right of account recovery.


Essay Education Affiliate Program is responsible to pay the Partner a commission in the amount of 25% from every client's first order and 10% from the orders to come. Essay Education Affiliate Program also pays the Partner 3% of the money Partner's referrals make through the Affiliate Program.

Partner commission is paid once on a monthly basis. An affiliate partner receives a share of actual payment for the order as specified in the agreement. All the payments are for the previous month. The very first payment cannot be released if it doesn't exceed US$100.

The partner is responsible for letting Essay Education Affiliate Program know about any contact or payment information change via email or through Essay Education Affiliate Program ‚ control panel. Essay Education Affiliate Program is not responsible for the Partner not receiving the money if the payment info was changed and Essay Education Affiliate Program was not let know in advance.


Essay Education Affiliate Program has the right to implement changes to the Affiliate Program and the Affiliate Agreement without having to let the Partner know about any of the changes. Essay Education Affiliate Program will always try to let all the Partners know about any changes made to the Affiliate Agreement via email. The Partner is responsible for reviewing Essay Education Affiliate Program website from time to time to make sure that they are familiar with the company's current policies. The information, material and visual images on the pages of the website may be changed at any time without a notice. Changes may also be applied to this page at any time without a notice.